Groundswell by Scott A. Martin

Groundswell by Scott A. Martin

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If you want rapid, healthy, and sustainable growth for your business, there’s no shortcut. Hacks and tactics promising 10x growth might yield short-term results but won’t provide long-term gains. It’s time to rethink chasing “hactics” and shift your growth mindset to unlock the hidden potential within your business that can quickly generate ongoing waves of profitability.

Scott Martin calls this Groundswelling—galvanizing the hearts and minds of your audience to create buy-in, momentum, and untold power to grow your business.

In this book, Scott walks through the four steps to creating a groundswell: building your plan, giving value without expectation, growing your marketing ecosystem, and transforming your customers into advocates. You’ll have clarity on your purpose and finally be free to control your spending and growth without relying on paid advertising or gimmicks.

With patience and a focus on building relationships, you can unleash the exponential impact of building your Groundswell on your bottom line and the soul of your business.



Building a sustainable business requires an updated approach to marketing, one that combines common sense thinking with proven strategies.

Historically I think it’s fair to say Marketing has been viewed in many cases as interruptive and pushy. The essence of traditional marketing is demand creation and brand “closes the deal” to essentially get you to buy.

The tide has changed.

Modern marketing and branding needs to do the complete opposite. It’s increasingly more challenging to “get people to do stuff”.

People have grown weary and developed a more cynical view of marketing approaches and are battle hardened not to mention resistant to advertising.

The brave new brands will carefully connect with an audience with massive empathy and respect.

Yeah respect.

Marketers may have to abandon hanging on to old thinking like you just picked up a hornets nest.

People don’t want to buy… (unless it’s a commodity or un-differentiated service)

If you aim to create a experience and transform your audience - build a “groundswell” lean in.

Here is the Coles notes- The evolving Strategy starts with blending the brand and marketing to act like a magnet because of shares values - and achieve buy in.

It is my view that the world has shifted and it’s now an imperative to be compelling, captivating which pulls like a magnet - not push. Now that push is pushing away your audience and if you kinda feel and know it in your gut read on this is for you.

This shift in push to pull is the origin of the sustainable Growth marketing practice and strategies I have been developing, observing and researching with the worlds most innovative strategists over 2 decades.

The learning never stops I am still tinkering / testing and learning. Recently I got certified as a Experience and Transformation Expert with the visionary authors of The Experience Economy Joe Pine and James Gilmore.

James was reviewing my concepts and provided me with their input on this new process I am writing about in my upcoming book Groundswell: The Unseen Wave of Business Growth.

They articulated the way I should describe my process which I am calling

(Credit and thanks to James Gilmore )

Groundswelling uniquely describes this new practice.

Groundswelling is building momentum through giving, and engineering growth so that the more undesirable aspects marketing are simply not required.

Groundswelling is systematically creating a ecosystem of content and community that adds value the lives of your audience without interrupting or selling.

It is moving from from selling to sharing. From guessing to investing. From grabbing to captivating. From erratic to predictable growth, which is preferable even if its incremental.

The art and science of groundswelling is the voyage to connect with your audience in a meaningful way that is congruent with your values.

Groundswelling your business transforms others who then become compelled to invite and enroll their network to join in the shared vision of a deeper, more meaningful world.

This is my vision for those who are seekers of a brave new world where it’s no longer business as usual it’s business can be beautiful.

Soulfully stoked,