Spark Brilliance by Jackie Insinger [25+ COPIES]

Spark Brilliance by Jackie Insinger [25+ COPIES]

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This is a book about brilliance. Brilliance in all aspects of our experience as leaders: our relationships, our talent, our performance, our outlook. Brilliance in our work, which is amplified when we work together as a team.

Brilliance that begins with one spark.

As a leader, you’re always looking for ways to enhance the performance of your team. But as your responsibilities grow, your time and attention become more and more limited. If you’ve ever wished you could simply clone yourself, this is the book for you.

In Spark Brilliance, Executive Coach Jackie Insinger uses her more than two decades of experience to introduce a revolutionary approach to leadership and team dynamics that will transform your team’s performance, productivity, and fulfillment. In this book, you’ll learn Platinum Leadership, a Positive Psychology-driven method that will build authentic connection, spark optimism and creativity, and drive greater results from the people you lead—and for your company. You’ll discover:

  • The Platinum Rule—the secret to extraordinary leadership
  • Why psychological safety can make or break your team’s performance
  • A tactical risk practice that explodes personal growth
  • How to build an authentic connection culture 

Brilliance starts with you, the leader. Create the spark, ignite your team’s potential, and watch the fireworks begin.